Student Handbook 学生守则

Guidelines for face-to-face class meetings

  1. Listen to the teachers.
  2. Follow teacher’s direction and school rules.
  3. Get off car with parents in parking zone; walk in and out school building together with a parent/guardian.
  4. No running in the halls, classroom and parking lot, walking instead.
  5. Enter school building, classroom and cafeteria in an orderly manner.
  6. Use indoor voice in the hallway.
  7. Clean desk and floor area before leaving classroom.
  8. Ask for permission before leaving a classroom during class.
  9. Talk politely and use appropriate languages.
  10. Use appropriate body languages.
  11. Touch others’ property only with permission
  12. Be mindful of other people’s space
  13. Treat school’s property with care

Guidelines for online class meetings

Due to Covid-19, many of our classes are taught online. To make the online classes successful, we’re providing this Etiquette Guide to help students know how to conduct themselves appropriately in an online class meeting.

  1. Be on time: make sure to join our classes on-time. Students may use a calendar app to track our class schedules. Our website does provide ical feed that allows you to import your students’ schedule into calendar
  2. Wear proper attire: students are required to turn on their video in order to engage in class discussion. So please dress appropriately ( like T-shirt, Polo shirt, dress, or shirt) while they attend their online classes. Clothing must be neat and not be offensive in any way. For the majority of our online classes, students can only be seen from the waist up, but sometimes they move away from the screen and their whole body is visible. Please make sure the bottoms that students choose to wear are appropriate as well
  3. Choose a good location: students should join the online class from a place with a clean and non-distracting background. If siblings are likely to be loud in the room, try to isolate the student or use a headset.
  4. Mute yourself if you experience unavoidable background noise: if there is background noise beyond your control, please click the icon on the bottom left of Zoom to mute the audio. Try to do this sooner rather than later, and either ask family members to move or else move yourself.
  5. Pay full, focused attention: show respect to the important learning process that you are engaged in during the Zoom class meeting. When teachers are leading the class in a discussion, try to speak up and share your thoughts. When you are experiencing some confusion or have a question about something, please do speak up and ask teachers questions and it is likely that someone else has that same question. If teachers are in the middle of an explanation or a thought, then you may want to jot the question down as a reminder to yourself or type it into the chat box for the teacher to see. While online meetings with video do allow for some facial recognition, it may be delayed or affected in strange ways by the interposition of a screen. Comment threads are a good example of this.
  6. Keep up with all assignments: ensure you are always on top of your assignments. Adopt a mindset that each day you will put in a solid day’s work on school and learning. Give yourself little breaks and set micro-goals to ensure that you keep up the motivation.
  7. Apologize for any accidental breach of etiquette: As human beings we all make mistakes, and mistakes are even more likely when a new set of experiences and challenges interrupt our normal routine. If you do break one of these etiquette guidelines—whether it’s not being on time, loud background noise, dominating the discussion, or not being prepared—come right out and apologize sooner rather than later.


By no means are the guidelines all inclusive. The TAMU Chinese School retains the right to alter or vary the application of these rules. These guidelines are intended to help parents, students, and board members work together. Many guiding statements are included in this document but by no means does it cover every situation. As new policies and regulations are developed by the school board, additions and/or deletions will be made to the guidelines. Every effort will be made by school board and teachers to help students and parents understand what is expected of them.



  1. 爱护学校公共财产。保持教室整洁。不得在桌椅上乱写乱画。不要动教室里的计算机,书籍,报纸和其他物品。如损坏东西学生家长要承担全部责任及赔偿全部损失。
  2. 上课不要迟到早退。老师布置的作业要认真按时完成。因故不能到校上课应提前向老师请假并补做作业。
  3. 课堂上要遵守纪律,注意听讲。发言要举手。不得随意离开自己的座位,玩玩具,或看课外书籍。
  4. 讲文明,讲礼貌,尊重老师,尊重同学和家长。不讲脏话,不打人骂人。
  5. 课间休息时不得在教室或走廊大声喧哗。不得追逐和打闹。不得乱扔垃圾。